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We connect people looking for profitable asset deals like hotels, property developments, businesses, art, exclusive vehicles and other interesting assets, many of which are off-market (unpublished) for a variety of reasons. These represent attractive opportunities to fund managers, private buyers, property moguls and buyers who want to benefit from having the right connection to an exclusive opportunity.

We work hard to ensure buyers and sellers of exclusive assets and opportunities find what they are looking for. By building relationships and inventory we have established ourselves as the go-to place for buyers and sellers.


Arden Wealth with corporate offices in London UK along with our corporate partners based in Lucerne Switzerland have a broad network of capital partners spanning the globe. Our introductory services encompass preparation of due diligence documentation and corporate restructure (where required) to leverage the very highest success rates when sourcing partners to fund development and business projects.

Our team of professionals work diligently to source the right capital partners to establish functionality throughout the development process and to find the best solution for business growth. Our long-term vision for our partners is to fulfil capital requirements with a solid exit strategy for investors


Arden Wealth supports significant change to business practices in various types of organisations; from modifying debt, sourcing capital and equity partners, revising operational standards or the structure of the company as a means of potentially eliminating financial harm and improving the business. Within our organisation we have a wealth of experience in operations, sales and marketing, equity placement and human resources as well as planning and development. Finding the right solution can sometimes be a minefield particularly when a business needs guidance on how to change its landscape, Arden Wealth works hand in hand with executive teams to incept business turnaround with cutting edge solutions and support.


With a global network of sourcing agents and an extensive range of private investment partners Arden Wealth is able to leverage those relationships for the acquisition or disposition of assets. Our team of advisors will analyse each project and prepare for market with realistic expectations of potential yield to maximise returns or gain the best possible market conditions for sale.

We encourage you to talk to us if you're disposing or acquiring assets, we know the right people to help you achieve your goal and often have people who are specifically waiting for your kind of opportunity.


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About Arden WeaLth

Mission Statement.

Arden Wealth works to develop long-term relationships with clients who value competence, experience, and commitment to high levels of service. We have at our disposal a network of individuals looking for a wide array of opportunities and a continual influx of interesting assets and opportunities. We help people come together for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Confidence and Trust.

With the strictest levels of professionalism and Confidence, we have become the preferred partner of those seeking to sell assets, complete deals and improve their core business which is the foundation of our ongoing business. By working with the mission of complete satisfaction, we are able to maintain regular movement.

Get Connected.

With a large network and a wealth of asset buyers and sellers, you can be sure of the connection with the right people to make things happen. We offer off-market opportunities and maximum exposure in markets which are hard to access. By connecting with Arden Wealth you can ask the real questions and get connected to those who have the power make decisions.

People choose Arden Wealth because we work with decision makers with a constant interest in the best assets and options.



Asset Disposition

We find buyers for every kind of asset. Most common are the sales of real estate assets like developments, residential, commercial and hotels but we also assist in finding buyers for specialist items like luxury cars, boats and art.

Private Equity Placement

Private equity can be raised through are large number of private facilities. These are exclusive opportunities which are often the perfect vehicle for those looking for increased funding and investors who like to be involved early on.

Corporate Restructuring

Restructuring a business can often allow separate divisions the freedom to prosper on their own or to allow ownership or investment into particular areas. We provide a corporate restructuring service according to your needs.

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